Nicolette Atelier

Atelier {A workshop or studio used by an artist or designer}



Nicolette Atelier is a juxtaposition of classic fine art and contemporary graphic design producing a hybrid studio that excels in story telling multitude of creative disciplines. The studio is anchored in the custom manifestation and enhancement of residential and commercial environments coupled with building brand equity through visual messaging. The integrated design process is targeted to elicit a synergy between environment and person.The results are innovative spaces that offer participatory, punctuating, and nourishing experiences designed to feed back into its audience, increasing quality of life and business effectiveness. All steps throughout the design process are formatted to ensure each experience is completely individual, from concept to design to customer care. The atelier stands apart by its unyielding desire for perfection, and strives to evolve its standards of excellence with every project.


Nicolette Capuano is the founder and principal designer of Nicolette Atelier, the renowned mural and decorative arts and graphics studio. As an expert in traditional fine art painting, specialty faux finishes, graphic design and giclee printing techniques she is the go-to force for custom art and finishes that address all aspect of image making atmospheres serving both the residential and commercial clientele as well the interior design and architectural community.

Design centric and dedicated to a lifetime pursuit of creating experiential environments, Nicolette felt that the design world was in need of a studio that could offer a hybrid of both classical and contemporary techniques able to address her clients’ art and branding needs with an innovative outlook. Beginning with an impressive portfolio and reputation founded in core fine art painting and creative direction from her previous studio, Beyond the Wall Mural Design, ltd. opened in 2001, she founded Nicolette Atelier {a mural art and graphics studio} in 2012 to fill the void for innovative fine art finishes that embodied her signature couture process.

Nicolette has continued to grow her atelier of custom works out of a labor of love that knows no bounds. She has founded her repertoire of design with revitalized centuries-old painting and faux finish techniques with her bespoke design process, passion for brand-identity, client centric care, and high standards of design aesthetics and quality. She has also extended this process to custom giclee murals, wallcoverings and graphic design services offering her clientele the creative respect they deserve with and memorable branding materials.