Hand painted murals and faux finishes lie at the core of the studio with over 14 years experience in both residential and commercial applications. The studio has an unrivaled reputation for its attention to detail and its ability to illustrate across a broad spectrum of styles. Depth of knowledge of materials resulting in an ample creative reserve has armed the studio with the ability to handcraft exclusive finishes and imagery as modern paint-smiths of the day. Each surface is approached with a bespoke concept-driven design process that caters to the specific clients’ needs and desired outcome, allowing us to push the limits on standard fair.


With the process remaining as custom as any handpainted piece, we have parlayed our knowledge and experience into the technology of giclee murals and acrylic art panels.

The process begins by creating a perfectly proportionate work of art either by hand or photographically that is scanned and color corrected by a graphic specialist. The image is then translated onto any number of our textural wallcoverings, repositionable MagicFabric, or frameless mount acrylic CrystalPanels for interior or exterior application.

Offering the same standards of quality everything from the image to colors, to texture, and tone can be acutely controlled for a profound effect. Nicolette Atelier giclee art can be commissioned for projects at the beginning stage or retrofit to refresh an existing space.

KoroGraphics® Digital Wallcoverings:
High quality commercial grade flexible textures that produce compelling combinations of color, light, shape and shadow to your image. Available in 10 different textures.

Great for: Any wall surfaces, photo realistic images, home, outdoor with varnish top coat, commercial applications, healthcare…

Repositionable Fabric-Backed Vinyl:
Beautiful matte sheen with slight woven texture, mobility, and ease of installation make this surface ideal for both residential and commercial projects. The material sticks to any surface and can be removed easily without damage.

Great for: Smooth wall surfaces, reuseable, no paste required, mirrors/doors…

CrystalArt Panels with Standoff Mounts:
Transform any image into gallery quality art with acrylic image mounting. This frameless mounting technique provides for a sleek contemporary look with the option for aluminum or bright polished chrome standoff mounts.

Great for: Commercial signage and art, residential photo installations, series of images, custom corporate or personal gifts…


Nicolette Atelier’s full line of customizable decal sets and giclee art are on their way!

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