The revival of this historical Cleveland icon into a boutique hotel has brought architect Frank Meade’s masterpiece to its original brilliance. The style is classic 1930’s with a contemporary twist. With intricate vintage 1930’s molding found  throughout the 11 story structure, its reinterpretation with a new antique pewter finishes, creates a dazzling effect as is graces both walls and ceilings. Hand painted murals can be found in the Crystal Ballroom and North entrance vestibule that are reminiscent of impressionist landscape paintings making the venue both timeless and a perfect backdrop to any event.  The famed Tudor Room is a robust counter to the elegant Crystal Room with rich wood-paneled ceiling and  towering stone pillars. A custom glazed stand stone faux finish was designed to perfectly recreated the original sandstone pillars, in both texture and color, that was irreparable after the many decades of vacancy. Developer: MRN Ltd. Designer: C. Rae Interiors


Hand Painted Muals


Silver Antiqued Molding Finish


Sandstone Faux


Cleveland, OH


Feb 2011


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Find exact locations of our work on the Wescover Map!

Find exact locations of our work on the Wescover Map!

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