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This piece will be making its debut on Taylor Sheridan's new TV series, "Lioness"!


Custom commissioned painting inspired by Frida Kahlo, but with a modern twist.  

OFRENDAS :: The client’s direction was The Day of the Dead along with a request to incorporate tequila, inspired by their Venezuelan heritage. Día de los Muertos offers a chance for families to remember their loved ones. Though this Latin American holiday’s name — which translates in English to Day of the Dead — may sound morbid, it’s actually a joyful celebration of life. And it’s roots stretch back thousands of years to the Aztec Empire, long before the Spanish arrived in the new world. Many Día de los Muertos celebrations are meant to provide the deceased with Ofrendas (or offerings), to the dead. The goal is to provide items that will attract and please the deceased. Ofrendas aren’t made lightly. Each offering has significance, and that includes flowers. Let’s look at the symbolism and meaning behind the flowers used in Day of the Dead celebrations.

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Custom Canvas Art

36" x 48"


Private Residence



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