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Home to one of DC's political figures, this residence is the epitome of classic Washingtonian style.  The piece d resistance of the home is the 20' x 9' library ceiling mural which is a replica of Chandler Howard Christy's "The Signing of the Constitution", which depicts 49 historical figures present on the day of signing.  The project features four hand painted murals, 32 faux marble columns, faux black marble paneling, two 12 foot long ornamental ceilings, wood graining at the main star and library ceiling, stenciling at the living room and dining room trim, and hand painted gold detailing on all railings and trim.  The project also boasts an 83" x 74" custom paintingof the first moon landing that rises up on a mechanical rail to reveal the TV.

Interior Design: JLA Designs

AV, Lighting, Shades: ABE Networks

Construction: Landis Architects & Builders


Murals (4)

Custom Painting

83" 74"


Ornamental ceilings (3)


Faux marble columns (32)


Faux black marble paneling


Wood graining at main stair and library ceiling


Stenciling at trim


Gold detailing at trim and railings


Private Residence



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