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The Washington DC concept, RIMTANG, envisioned a dining space that would embody the essence of Thailand's street food culture and history. The space was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and engaging for patrons. The highlight of the space was a 20-foot digitally designed Gicée mural that served as the focal point of the room. The mural was a visual masterpiece that incorporated traditional Thai colors and imagery in a modern and playful way. It created an immersive experience for diners and transported them into the heart of Thai street food culture. For the upper-level dining space, a photographic series was carefully curated and displayed as framed art against the rustic brick walls. The photographs were carefully selected to integrate color and transport diners to a specific time and place. The combination of the rustic brick walls and the photographic series created a charming ambiance that was both inviting and relaxing. To complete the concept's identity design, the head chef, Saran Kannasute, who is of Thai descent, worked closely with the designers to integrate Thai characters into the design. The result was an identity design that was unique, authentic, and truly reflective of Thai cuisine and culture.


Giclé Mural

Curated Photography

Identity Design

Calling Cards


Commercial Business


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