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Designed by the famed design duo, Walker and Weekes Architects, it was the second largest bank from New York to Chicago in its day. The United Bank and Trust Building turned swank eatery is home to Chef Steve Schimoler’s Crop Bistro & Bar and his test kitchen.  With the ornate plaster embellishments and bones of the 1925 Beaux Arts Movement, every surface was meticulously addressed. Multiple faux finishes were seamlessly painted to match with original ones including a green marble, bisque speckled stone, and hand painted logo and color highlighting on the original plaster keystones.  The crowning joy to the building is the original coffered ceiling in jewel like tones repaired by hand mixing paint to match each section inch by inch resulting in a dazzling display of jewel tone hues overhead.


Restoration of Ceiling Paint and Plaster

Faux Marble Columns

Faux Marble Wall Panels

Faux Finish Stone Walls

Color Consultation


Cleveland, OH



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