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Kyojin, a an upscale sushi concept in Washington, DC, drew it's brand inspiration from the ancient art of Japanese Yakuza tattoos. The hand-painted murals, identity design, calling card, and environmental graphics were all created with the iconic and distinct style of IREZUMI in mind.


Inspiration + History 

The original tattoo designs (aka IREZUMI - Japanese word for tattooing) were originally created to cover prison tattoos of the Yakuza (aka Japanese mob). Over time, it evolved into its iconic and incredibly distinct style that has carried into our western culture to this day. The subject matter is often based on Japanese flora and earth elements. The imagery and creatures within the tattoos are widely symbolic within the Japanese culture. The Koi fish is a symbol of strength, courage, patience, and success through perseverance.


Created for KYOJIN Sushi

Created by Yume Hospitality Group

Interior design by FFD Miami


Hand Painted Murals

Giclée Door Design

Identity Design

Calling Cards



Kyojin Sushi

3315 Cady's Alley NW Suite B,

Washington, DC 20007



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